A Gospel Vision of Parenting

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The ministry of parenting is a gift and responsibility from the Lord. We desire to help equip parents to raise their children through the four major life stages in a way that reflects and points to the gospel: (1) expectant parents and newborns, (2) toddler and pre-school, (3) school-age, and (4) teenage years.  In the Spring and Fall of 2008, The Sojourn Home leadership taught several parenting classes--giving Sojourn's parents an overview of the parenting struggles faced during each of these stages.  The notes from these classes are now available here in PDF format. 

Download the notes from Robert and Karen Cheong's class below, or follow this link for notes from all the classes.

A Gospel Vision of Parenting (Spring 2008) taught by Robert & Karen Cheong

Week One: A Gospel Vision of Parenting

Week Two: Infants

Week Three: Toddlers and Preschool

Week Four: School Age

Week Five: Teenagers