A Generation of Wonder


I transcribed these words from Sojourn Teaching Pastor, Daniel Montgomery's first Old Testament sermon on "Creation.  It is worth hearing again: Creation is just wonderful.  God’s world is mind-blowing.  We need to be people that step into that wonder and live in that beauty and recognize how beautiful God’s world is.  Next time you enjoy a good conversation, a good meal, a good embrace, or your mind just expands with an amazing idea, recognize that every good and perfect gift comes from the Creator.  It’s his world, and it’s a beautiful, wonderful world.

Monte Swan, in his book Romancing Your Child’s Heart, writes:

Wonder is the essential instrument of the poet, the artist, the scientist, and any other creative thinker.  It incites the mind to organize information, observations, data, and ideas into pattern and form.

We live in a culture that is very cynical.  We live in a culture that is very sarcastic.  And one of the ways we are called to be a counter-culture as a church is to be a people full of wonder.   And the purpose of wonder as you see it from Genesis to Revelation is not for us to say, “Oh my, wow!”  But for us to say, “Oh, my God, you are wonderful.  You are beautiful!"  The purpose of wonder is to drive us to worship God.  Wonder is the prelude to worshiping God.

Look what it says to Job, “Listen to this.  Stop and consider God’s wonders” (Job 37:14).

The prophet Isaiah says, “Lift your eyes and look to the heavens.  Who created all these?” (Isaiah 40:26).

The longer we go as a church, I’m beginning to think more and more about the next generation.  I wish I were more like the pastor Jonathan Edwards.  He would not only think but also pray for generations ahead.  He would pray that they would receive a way of life worthy of the gospel.  And as I begin to think about the next generation, I hope and pray that they are nurtured in the good of the gospel and the gospel way of life in a culture of wonder—not with a bunch of adults who have it all figured out and have all the answers.

It is not that we are not a people of conviction, but my hope is that my children and your children, the children of this church, and the children that are to be, and the people to whom we pass on the gospel will see us as people who hunger for truth, who thirst after righteousness, who seek the face of God and invite others to seek with us.  I want my children to catch a raging passion for God’s word.  I want them to hunger to know more of God and of God’s world, because this is God’s deal.  It is good.

The curiosity and inquisitiveness and asking questions—these are things that my children naturally do.   My children aren’t going around saying, “I’ve got it all figured out.  No, they’re asking questions.  They’re wondering, “What is going on here?  What is going on there?”  When they ask questions, they aren’t asking for a biology lecture, they are asking for me to join them in a pursuit of questioning and asking.   May God grace us with this kind of wonder—wonder that leads us to worship.