Why Can't I Have A Snack Like Everyone Else?

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On Christmas Eve, our family attended at Christmas Eve service with my parents' church in Georgia.  It was the first time that our three year-old daughter had joined us during a communion service.  As we prepared to go forward to the kneeling bench and take the supper, I explained to Rachael that she would need to sit and watch.  She immediately replied, "But I'm hungry.  I want some juice too."  Megan then quickly explained that this is not a snack.  It is a special service to help us remember Jesus's death, and she told Rachael she would be able to participate when she is older.   I was reminded of an excellent position paper by the leadership of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN entitled "Why Can't I Have A Snack Like Everyone Else?" I read it again, and I recommend it to you.