Advent Art Project

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The Light Has Come from Jared Stewart Kennedy on Vimeo.

“The Light Has Come”: An Advent Art Project by Katherine Valentine for Creative Worship Sunday, December 6th

The final installment in our Advent Creative Worship Sunday series has been long in coming.  Here is a link to the Bible lesson and musical liturgy that accompanied this project or you can download the full lesson plan (PDF).  We hope you enjoy the video documentary of the project (in the side box), which was created by our own Drew Layman.  Our next Creative Worship Sunday is this week--Sunday, February 8th.  The theme is "Creation: God Has The Best Imagination."  I'll post a little more about the events of that day in the coming week.

For ages 3-5:  “Stained Glass” Windows Contributors: Matt Douthitt, Jared Kennedy

Supplies: Blue construction paper cut into 4.25” x 5.5” fold-over frames with a hole punched in the top (1 per child—prepared in your classrooms); Wax paper cut into 4” x 5.25” fold-over squares (1 per child—prepared in your classrooms); multi-colored tissue paper cut into small shapes; pen; glue; stapler; yarn;  “caption” notes with Isaiah 9:2a—“The people walking in darkness have seen a great light.”

(1)    During the welcome time, have the children choose pieces of tissue paper to create a design for their “stained glass” window.  Have the child arrange the tissue as a design between the folded wax paper.  As each child finishes his or her design, put the prepared windows aside.  Use a pen to write the child’s name or initials on one piece of tissue.

(2)    During the music and liturgy, assigned teachers, hall monitors, and Titus 2 moms will run each of the wax paper windows through a laminating machine to slightly melt the wax.

(3)    When children return to the classroom, assist them with stapling the wax paper “windows” inside a fold-over frame, gluing the “caption” on the outside of the frame, and tying a piece of string so that the “stained glass” windows can be hung in a window at home. Use the art project time as a time to remind the children about the message of today’s lesson using the

For grades 1-5: Cyanotype Window Art for display in the 930 Auditorium Contributor: Katherine Valentine

Supplies, Preparation, and Procedure: (Led by Katherine Valentine) Have cyanotypes taped on the ground with markers for tracing.  Several kids can come at one time, as long as there is an adult to trace them.  Using different colored markers is fine, kids can overlap one another. Encourage them to use bold poses, with their arms and fingers outstretched. The outline should be from about the hip up. Today you've been learning about the season of advent. What does the word "advent" mean?  Kids: waiting

And what are we waiting for during advent? Kids: Jesus to come into the world/Jesus' birth

Today, you've heard how the Bible describes Jesus as a Great Light.  This is awesome, because being in the Light is so exciting! You've played a game today where you celebrated how exciting and joyful it is to be in the Light after being in darkness.  And you've sung songs about the Joy that came to the world when Jesus was born. You've learned how shepherds and angels all were waiting and celebrating the coming of the Light. Why were they so excited? [Hear what kids have to say about this, accepting reasonable responses.]

They were SO excited because before Jesus, the Light of the world, came it was like they were living in darkness.  Do you remember how it feels when you are in the dark? [Kids: scary, alone, can't see.]

When you are in the dark, it's hard to see - you don't know if it is safe, or if anything is there. It's even hard to see yourself! What about when you are in the light?

[Kids: safe, fun, you can see.]

When you are in the light, it's not scary, because you can see the world around you, you don't have to fear.  You can see and be seen.  And sometimes, when we do something wrong, when we sin, we like to hide in the darkness, so that what we did can't be seen - because we are afraid of punishment. But, when Jesus died, his Light covered the whole world, so that everyone who believed wouldn't have to be in darkness anymore. In his Light our sins are seen and they are forgiven! That's why Jesus' birth is so exciting. It's the beginning of the Light of forgiveness coming into the world.  Let's make art about how we are excited and waiting and longing for the Light of Jesus.

The center of this fabric is bright white.  It's like the Light of Christ. What we're going to do is have each one of you lie down around the center and reach for the light.  You can lay any way you want and we'll trace you.  When we're finished, you'll be able to see an outline of yourself reaching in celebration towards the Light!