God Has the Best Imagination, Part 3: Art Project


Creation Lesson: “God Has the Best Imagination” by Scott RamserPsalm 95, Genesis 1

Art Project (45 minutes)

Tools: Pencil, Computer Paper, Cold press paper, watercolor paints, tempera paints, and paintbrushes

Objective: Students are to create animals from their imagination.  They are to practice brainstorming on the computer paper and ultimately draw their ideas onto the cold press paper and paint the images to finish.  (These images will then be given to the older aged groups of sojourners who will then apply other medias to finish the image.) Procedure: Students will gather to listen to the Bible passage from which the project is derived, Genesis 1 NLT.  Then students will be instructed that in God’s creation, he created from nothing.  The students will experience the difficulty in this through personal reflection.  Students then will be shown images reflecting the obscurity and creativity of God through images of animals in nature.  They then will be encouraged to use their own creativity (being made in the image of God, we are called to be creative) to imagine new animals.  Ones they have never seen before or heard of.  They are to brainstorm their ideas onto computer pieces of paper from which they will then use these ideas to ultimately draw their “imagined animal” onto a piece of cold press watercolor paper.  Once finished with the drawing, they are to then apply color to the image.  To finish the project, the students are to name the animal, and write a description of its character and habitat.

“Today, we’re going to take what we’ve learned about God’s creation and creativity and put it into practice. We can’t make things like God made, but we can use what God has given to us. God has the very best imagination, but he’s given us great imaginations and great things to work with too.”