Visit to Mars Hill Church, Seattle

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Mars Hill Church

Yesterday, four Sojourn staffers (Pastor Robert Cheong, Nathan Ivey, Mike Crowe and myself) and our wives (Karen, Christi, Robyn, and Megan) were blessed by visiting Mars Hill Church (Ballard campus) in Seattle, WA.  We spent lunch (Vietnamese Pho, an inexpensive beef noodle soup) and the afternoon meeting with several pastors and staff members there including Pastor Mike Wilkerson, Pastor James Sanchez, Pastor Tim Smith, and Pastor-in-training Dustin Nickerson.

One of the really impressive things that Mars Hill does very well is provide their members with great resources.  One of the first things we were given when we arrived was a study guide for Pastor Mark Driscoll's current sermon series on 1 Peter.  The guide includes community group questions and family worship resources that correspond with the sermon for the entire series (eight months in advance!!).

The family worship section of the guide contains two great article.  The first is entitled "Pastoral Parenting."  The second is entitled "Family Dinner Bible Studies."  This is great stuff.  Over the next few days, I'll summarize both articles here.  If you can't wait, follow the link above to download the entire study guide.