A Call and Response for Easter

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Leader: This month we celebrate Easter!  Why do we celebrate Easter?  What is Easter?  Allow children to answer:  Jesus died on the cross.  Jesus died for my sins.   Jesus is risen from the dead.  Fill in any part left out and encourage right answers. Gently correct wrong answers. Let's start this morning by remembering the Easter story and saying, "HALLELUIA!"

Leader: Hallelujah means, "Praise the Lord!" Say, "HALLELUIA!" (HALLELUIA!) Now say, "PRAISE THE LORD!"  (PRAISE THE LORD!)

Listen to what I say and when I pause say, "HALLELUIA!"

Leader: Jesus is God! Jesus is Lord! Children: HALLELUIA! Leader: Jesus suffered and died on the cross for my sins! Children: HALLELUIA! Leader: Jesus was in the tomb. He was dead in the grave for three days! Death could NOT keep Jesus in the grave! Children: HALLELUIA! Leader: Jesus is alive! Jesus is risen! He rose from the dead! Children: HALLELUIA! Leader: Jesus is the champion! Jesus is victorious! He is the winner! Children: HALLELUIA!

Now stand up and let's shout, "JESUS IS ALIVE!" ("JESUS IS ALIVE!") Repeat several times. Have children jump up and down chanting, "Jesus is alive!"