Creative Worship Art Project for Easter Sunday

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dscf1168 EASTER ART PROJECT (45 minutes)Shrinky Dink Easter Art by Robin Tillman

Project description:

This Easter art project will begin on Sunday, April 5th (the week before Easter) and will include children of all ages--two years old and up as well as the Quest (youth group) kids.  The kids will make Easter themed shrinky dink art.  The shrinky dink artwork will be assembled together with an adult Sojourn Visual Arts project. The Sojourn Visual Arts adults will create a freestanding, three-dimensional wire cross sculpture, which will later be decorated with the Easter related shrinky dink art, attached to the cross with thin wire. The project will be completed by attaching the shrinky dinks to the sculptural cross.The completed project will be an installation piece on display for the Sojourn body and visitors on Easter Sunday, April 12th.

About the Artwork:dscf1170 Shrinky dink artwork is made when the children draw and color on thin sheets of shrinky dink plastic, with bright colored pencils and/or permanent markers. The children will be instructed to make colorful drawings related to the Easter and resurrection themes.

The plastic shrinky dink drawings will later be heated slowly in the kitchen oven and will ultimately shrink to 1/3 their original size. Small holes will be punched in the corners of the children’s artwork prior to heating and shrinking, and tiny holes will remain in the smaller shrinky dinks. We will use these tiny holes to weave thin wire through and attach the shrinky dinks to the sculpture.

Supplies: Each child will be given (three) 4 x 5” plastic sheets: (one to keep, one to be attached to the sculpture, and one to give away to a friend).  Each child will be given a white piece of paper to put under the plastic as they draw. This will both help the child see their drawing and also protect the table from stray marks.  Younger children will be given colored pencils.  Older children will be given brightly colored permanent markers.  Teachers will need single, metal hole-punchers.

dscf1164Instructions: Students will draw three colorful drawings (one per plastic sheet) related to Easter and the resurrection, such as: Jesus, a cross, Jesus on the cross, the empty tomb, Easter Lilies, or pictures that represent “Life”, “Love”, Spring”, “new life”, “dawn”, “risen”, or “halleluiah”.  The students can also decorate their drawings with colorful words along the same theme or scripture verses relating to Easter – such as: “Jesus paid it all.” (Isaiah 53:5).  Important note – Teachers, as you help the children focus their drawings on Jesus and his resurrection, please gently discourage them from drawing bunnies or eggs. We want to be very intentional about teaching the children about the resurrection and new life.  Younger children will draw and color with colored pencils. They should press firmly to make their lines and colors bold and bright.  Older children will color with permanent markers, which will make bold and bright drawings, but please remind the students to be careful not to get permanent marker on the tables or their clothes.  After drawings are complete, teachers should punch a single hole in both the top left and the top right corners, about 3/8” from the corners.  Also, encourage the students to make their drawings as large as they can to fill up the entire piece of plastic. Drawings should be colored in much like a coloring page. Large, detailed, brightly colored drawings will have the best outcome after shrinking.

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