Driscoll: Practical Pastoral Parenting

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“Pastoral Parenting,” part 4 Adapted from “Pastoral Parenting” by Mark Driscoll in Trial: 8 Witnesses from 1 & 2 Peter, a study guide. (Mars Hill Church, 2009).

While every Christian parent would likely agree with these principles of pastoral parenting, most would also admit they struggle to know how to make this happen practically. So, as a pastor and a daddy, I hope to be of some help.

First, I would encourage all Christian parents to pray to God that the Holy Spirit would give them an ongoing commitment to pastor their own children in love.

Second, I would encourage all Christian parents to continually read good books that help shape a biblical view of parenting.  Parents of teens will be well served by Paul Tripp’s book Age of Opportunity (available at the Sojourn book table).

Third, it is important for Christian families to have friendships with other Christian families so that there is mutual learning about God, marriage, parenting, and the like in community. Getting plugged into a church community group and pursuing friendships with other Christian families is vital.

Fourth, the key is to simply develop biblical habits with your children, such as praying, reading Scripture, and attending church together.