Top 10 Ways to Bless Sojourn's Kids and Families on Easter

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1.  If you are scheduled to serve, come and serve with a joyful heart.

2.  If you aren’t on the schedule, come and serve when you are available!

3.  Come early!  Come to the 930 as early as 8:00AM (or 3:30 PM).  Help with last minute chores, or lend an extra hand to the Connect Team!

4.  If you aren’t busy, help with registration.  Carry a diaper bag or help hold a child while new families fill out registration papers.

5. Celebrate our crucified and risen Lord!  When we do the kids’ music liturgy this week, sing out!  Be an example for our kids.

6. Teach from your heart about the gospel of resurrection!  He is risen!

7. Pray for our teachers.  Pray that they will teach and lead with energy from Gods’ spirit.

8. Pray for our families.  Pray that God will bind them together in unity by the power of his great love.

9. Pray for our kids.  Pray that God will change their hearts by the gospel.

10.  Come back for classes on Wednesday night (to serve or to learn), and come back for our Baby Dedication next week.