Happy Birthday CM Connect!

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One year ago, Michael Chanley launched CM Connect as a free resource for those involved in children’s ministry to network with each other.  This is really like Facebook for children's ministers and those who serve as part of a church's ministry to children.  I first heard about CM Connect on Twitter.  The service is a growing ministry.  Earlier today, there were 4, 412 members.

One of the great things about CM Connect is that it is based in our city.  Michael Chanley serves as Parent and Family Minister at Southeast Christian Church here in Louisville.  We recently had a chance to hang out at Quill's Coffee.  I discovered that Michael knows a ton about Indie music (much more than me), and he has a passion for reading and learning about world history.

Michael also has a great passion for helping those in ministry to freely network, connect and share with each other.  Since starting CM Connect, Michael has gone on to start SM Connect for student ministries, Parent Unity for parents and families, and PM Connect for preachers, ministers and missionaries.

If you haven’t already joined one of these networks, what are you waiting for?  Sign up, interact, join groups, chat, and lots more! These are great places to share how the gospel is impacting your parenting and ministry to kids and students.

HT: Elemental Children’s Ministry (I discovered through Henry that today is CM Connect's birthday)