Pastor Dad released in Seattle, Pastor Daddy goes to Ridgecrest and maybe soon... adopts a new alias.

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Many of you know that Sojourn’s first children’s book, Pastor Daddy, which was written by Lindsey Blair and Bobby Gilles with illustrations by Tessa Janes, can be purchased online or at the Sojourn book table on Sundays.  Pastor Daddy was written to teach preschool children the Christian doctrine of the home as a “little church” where the father teaches his family God’s commands and leads them to worship the one true God. Well, there is a lot of new for fans of Pastor Daddy:

  • First, there was a new book by Mark Driscoll entitled, Pastor Dad: Spiritual Insights on Fatherhood, released by Re:Lit and Mars Hill Church yesterday for Father's Day.  After the release, I got a few e-mails.  They all went something like this, "Mark Driscoll stole our book title!"  Well, for the sake of full disclosure, that isn't exactly the case.  Driscoll preached a sermon (an eighty-one minute one) in 2001 entitled "Pastor Dad."  The manuscript from that sermon was the inspiration for our 2008 children's book.  So, technically, we took his title. :) The sermon is still inspirational as a booklet for dads, and I'd encourage all of you to check it out.
  • Second, I got a phone call today from Heather Easterday and the good folks at Seeds Family Worship.  Jason Houser and their team will be doing a presentation at the Lifeway Worship Leadership Conference at the Southern Baptist conference center in Ridgecrest, NC.  They called to see if they could feature and read Pastor Daddy as part of their presentation.  So, I said, "No problem!"  The Seeds folks hope to videotape their presentation, and I'll post a link to it here.  [By the way, the last (and only time) I was at Ridgecrest, I was thirteen  or so and competing in the Baptist Youth Bible Drill and Speaker's Tournament.  Great memories.  I think my mom still has pictures.  Those will not be posted here.]
  • Finally, we're currently having conversations with a publisher about sending Pastor Daddy to press.  Please pray that we will have wisdom during this process.  When and if we do publish, the title will likely change to Our Home is like a Little Church.  The new alias is meant to avoid confusion--this is not just a book for preachers' kids--and avoid any copyright disputes with our friends at Mars Hill.  I probably made us liable in the paragraph above. :)

If you'd like to know more about the book, here is a little more of the skinny on Pastor Daddy.

From the Preface: At Sojourn, we believe that the home is the front line of ministry to children--not the Sunday school or public church gathering.  All the practices present in a Christian worship service--the Scriptures, prayer, and praise--should be present in teh home as well.  Pastor Daddy teaches this truth by repeatedly putting church and home side by side--on adjacent pages.  God expects parents to teach their children when they sit down for meals, when they drive along the road, when they lie down for bed, and when they get up in the morning.  These "pastoral" duties can be daunting for dads.  So, Pastor Daddy also serves a a reminder that these duties are done in light of God's grace show to us through Jesus work on the cross.