Pray for SojournKids

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Sojourn Church has recently entered into a 40-day season of prayer. Please come to the 930 this Wednesday morning at 6:30 AM to pray during our Sojourn Prayer gathering.  This is a time of change and transition for Sojourn in general as well as our student and family ministries in particular.  Whether you can join us or not, please be in prayer for the following items:

  • Pray for protection, clarity and unity amongst Sojourn’s leaders—particularly in regard to the future of our ministries for families.
  • Pray that our vision will flow from the Bible and not from our ambitions, experience, or human wisdom.
  • Pray for clarity, discipline, and energy for those preparing to teach parenting classes in the Fall.
  • Pray for unity, creativity, and energy for those working on children’s book projects.  Pray for the new book What Is The Church? as it reaches the final stages of production.
  • Pray for servants to join our children’s ministry, student ministry and Vacation Bible School teams.
  • Pray for the nursery ministry as a team prepares to implement a new curriculum in the Fall.
  • Pray for the children, students and parents that hear the gospel through these ministries.  Pray for conviction, repentance, and living faith.