To Be Like Jesus | New Album from Sovereign Grace Kids--a sequal to their Awesome God! album

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Bob Kauflin:

You can now sample songs from our next children’s CD, To Be Like Jesus, at the Sovereign Grace Music website. The album is scheduled for release later this month.

To Be Like Jesus contains 12 songs. Ten of them are based on the qualities listed as the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23. I know only nine are listed there, but we included two on self-control because…well, any parent knows why we have two songs on self-control. The other two songs teach that God wants to make us like his Son, and when he does, we bear the fruit of the Spirit.

We tried hard to avoid two extremes on this project. The first is assuming that every kid singing these songs is a Christian. Obviously, that won’t be true. So the songs are primarily meant to teach and proclaim, rather than express the thoughts of a converted soul (although there are some of those songs as well). Second, we wanted to be sure kids understood we can’t be joyful, patient, kind, good, etc. apart from the Spirit’s work in us. The goal isn’t simply to be a “good citizen.” It’s to be transformed by the power of God’s Spirit into the image of his Son, Jesus Christ. And it’s all made possible through Jesus dying in our place for our sins.

The tracks were played by the drummer, bassist, and guitar player for Sara Groves. They did an outstanding job. The rhythm tracks overflow with creativity and joy. We used vocalists from Sovereign Grace churches in Orlando, FL and Gaithersburg, MD. The whole project was produced by Steve Cook.

Check out the samples and let me know what you think.

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