Covenant Life Church Parenting Seminars

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parentingresourcesBryce Butler recently sent me a link to these parenting resources from Covenant Life Church.  Click ahead for links to audio files and outlines.

Audio and Outlines

Parenting Ages 19 to 22

By Bob Kauflin | May 16, 2009

Hopes and Goals | Audio

Rules and Relationships | Audio

College and Careers | Audio

Question and Answer Session | Audio

Overall Outline (PDF, 160kb)

Parenting Ages 15 to 18

By Kenneth Maresco | April 18, 2009

God’s Role and Our Role | Audio

A Teen’s Relationship with God | Audio

The Importance of Relationships in a Teen’s Life | Audio

Question and Answer Session | Audio

Overall Outline (PDF, 232kb)

Parenting Ages 11 to 14

By Greg Somerville | March 14, 2009

Changing Relationships | Audio

Emerging Convictions in a Changing World | Audio

Changing Bodies and Minds | Audio

Overall Outline (PDF, 244kb)

Parenting Ages 6 to 10

By Kenneth Maresco | Jan. 17, 2009

Biblical Principles of Parenting | Audio

Shepherding Toward Conversion | Audio

Shepherding Your Child’s Heart | Audio

Overall Outline (PDF, 168kb)

Additional Resources: “Sowing Plan” (PDF, 56kb) | Plan to Overcome Complaining (PDF, 54kb)

Parenting Ages Infant to 5

By Brian Chesemore | Nov. 15, 2008

Training, Discipline, and the Rod | Audio | Outline (PDF, 136kb)

Biblical Principles of Parenting | Audio | Outline (PDF, 104kb)