School of Word & Art, Day 4--a post where we give thanks for the Word and those who prepared so diligently to teach it.

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Today at the School of Word & Art, we learned about how God provides salvation through his Son Jesus Christ.  Jesus saves from sin and even brings life from the dead.  We learned about Jesus through stories from the Bible--stories like Jesus raising Lazrus from the dead and God providing a ram as a substitute for his son Isaac.  I am so thankful for the Scriptures--they are a lamp to our feet and and light for our path.  And I'm so thankful for teachers that have prepared so diligently to use the Scriptures to point our children to Jesus.  After all, he's the point of the Bible's story. IMG_1210 IMG_1027IMG_1212 IMG_1048 IMG_1029 IMG_1032

SojournKids exists to point kids to Jesus.  And the Lord wants you to do this at home as well.  That is why we've created a list of resources to help you do just that--included here is The Jesus Storybook Bible, which Noel loves to read to her young toddlers class (The pictures are almost like product placement, but we get no royalties... I promise.  It is just a really good book!).