A strong leader in transition, and your opportunity to serve Sojourn's kids once per month.

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Earlier this week, Cheri Holman sent the following letter to the Titus 2 team:

Dear faithful servants,

There are a lot of transitions happening right now at Sojourn, especially with the launch of the St. Matthews campus this month. Along with larger transitions always come smaller transitions. One of these smaller transitions is taking place in how the Lord is leading me in ministry. Scott & I have been invited to work alongside Chad & Ginger Lewis with the Recovery Groups that are starting in a couple of weeks. In order to invest myself in this new ministry, I feel like it is time for me to step away from the Titus 2 ministry. Concurrent with my need to step away is a changing need in Sojourn Kids ministry. While a "Titus 2" philosophy needs to continue to be an organic, integral part of all ministry and relationships at Sojourn, it is going to cease to be a separate ministry. Instead, Jared will be expanding once-per-month commitments to more servants than just moms. Please let him know if you would like to continue serving once per month as a greeter, at the registration desk, in the nursery, or as a classroom helper. You can e-mail I want to thank all of you for your servant hearts in ministering to Sojourn's families. You have often been used by the Lord to encourage and strengthen parents, kids and other ministry workers. I pray that God will encourage and strengthen you as you continue to serve in the way the Lord leads you.

In His Grace, Cheri

Cheri will be stepping down as a deacon for the SojournKids ministry area.  Her strong leadership of the Titus 2 team is something to celebrate, and it will be missed.  She has been both an example mom and an example coordinator for this ministry.  I'm so thankful for her service.

As you read in Cheri's note, this also means a larger transition for SojournKids.  While there will continue to be six-month  commitments to the SojournKids ministry (including all the primary classroom teachers), we also want to give a larger number of individuals the opportunity to serve once per month.  Greeters, classroom helpers, nursery servants, and check-in desk attendants are all examples of once per month roles.  If you are interested in serving, please click on the "For Servants" tab above.