Pastor Daddy to be published!

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book-pastor-daddyThere is great news for fans of Pastor Daddy, Sojourn's first children's book written by Lindsey Blair and Bobby Gilles with illustrations by Tessa Janes.  Last week, Sojourn's leadership signed a publishingCFP contract with Christian Focus Publications, a great little Christian publishing house in Scotland.  The book will be published in mid to late 2010 under the new title, Our Home is like a Little Church. Until then,  there has been a price change for Pastor Daddy!  You can now purchase the book through the Sojourn Music store and at the Sojourn book table  for only $5.00.   This is a permanent price reduction that will last as long as the 100 copies we have on site remain in stock.  Since we have signed the publishing contract, there will be no more editions printed until Christian Focus releases the book next year.   So, get a "first edition" copy while you can!