SojournKids in St. Matthews

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Now that we've done a few services in St. Matthews, I thought it would be good to highlight what is going on with kids at the campus there.  We want every Sunday to be a celebration for our kids, a celebration of Jesus--who He is and what he has done to save his people!  Just like in Germantown, our SojournKids ministry in St. Matthews will be about God's plan to save humanity from sin through Jesus! And we're expecting the St. Matthews service to be a very big one for families.  For the launch Sunday, there were 50 children in attendance, and growth beyond that is inevitable.  In the three zip codes immediately surrounding Walden school: 40206 (Crescent Hill), 40207 (St. Matthews), and 40222 (Graymoor-Devondale/Lyndon), there are 55 children who regularly attend SojournKids Sunday Bible classes.  If every one of those kids begins to attend at the St. Matthews campus and each invites one friend... well, you get the idea.

So, if you are planting in St. Matthews and you'd like to help the kids there celebrate Jesus, here are four things that you can do to help:

1)  Join the balloon crew! To highlight our desire for this to be a time of celebration (and while they last), we're giving away helium balloons each week to every child that comes to the St. Matthews campus.  Arrive early at 8:30 AM and help us get the balloons ready.

2) Join the setup crew! Team members for Sojourn Music, Sojourn Kids, and Connect are arriving as early as 7:00 AM to unload the POD and set up Walden School for services each week.  Men, come early and help us with set-up!

3) Join the SojournKids teaching team! There are a few small differences about the St. Matthews campus.  One is that our teachers and children's ministry servants for this campus are on a rotational schedule, and each person serves only once per month!  If you are interested in serving, you can fill out our servant application here!

4) Bring a friend and your child's friend! Nearly 1 out of every 5 people in St. Matthews is a child (18% according to the 2000 census).  So, if you live in St. Matthews, there is a child living near you.  Invite your neighbors to come to our St. Matthews gatherings!