We're changing more than diapers in the SojournKids nursery.

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At Sojourn, we believe in gospel change... everywhere... even in the church nursery.  So, what is changing? Beginning with our Infants classes, our Sojourn babes will be prayed for and loved on intentionally through blessings we have been taught in the Bible.  Beginning Labor Day weekend, our servants will find prayers and blessings for children posted throughout the nursery for servants to say or pray while changing a diaper or when snuggling in a rocker (and especially to pray when children are wailing!).

Also, with our oldest Nursery group, the 12-24month class, we will introduce a curriculum that tells 4 basic Bible stories to the young children over and over again throughout the year.  Repetition is the key to learning--especially at this young age, and our teachers will also learn creativity as they tell the same stories over and over.  If you are interested, there is an opportunity to "adopt a story" by serving in the 12-24 months class once per month.  If  you are serving the first week of every month, for example, you will tell the first of the four Nursery stories every time that you serve.

To learn more about our new prayer-filled nursery policies, sign up to attend the SojournKids Basic training on Saturday, August 29th, and let us know of your interest by e-mailing