Sojourn Statement on Influenza

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Flu season is coming upon us.  While the Bible teaches that we should not live in fear, we can certainly take precautions as individuals and as a church family to minimize the risk of flu outbreak, whether H1N1, Avian or the seasonal flu. We can all help protect ourselves, our children and each other by washing our hands and using hand sanitizer regularly, covering with sleeves when coughing, and, if sick, to stay home from Sojourn Gathered, community group and other events and activities.

Know that the Sojourn elders have been seeking counsel and maintaining contact with health agencies and officials, and emergency responders.  Here are some steps we are taking:

  • We will maintain the hand sanitizers in every bathroom and at the Info Table, coffee station, and Sojourn Kids check-in stations.
  • We will perform regular, thorough scrubs of the entire children’s wing.
  • In the event that any Sojourn staff or volunteer worker contracts a contagious illness during the time frame in which he or she serves Sojourn Kids, we will contact the parents or guardians of each child involved.
  • We will stay in close contact with health workers and agencies, and follow public safety guidelines.
  • We will make any additional changes to our gatherings at such time as we are convinced through prayer and counsel that changes are needed to protect you.

We urge you to please stay home if you suspect you may have a contagious illness for the course of the illness and at least 24 hours after all symptoms have resolved.  Also, we encourage you to seek medical care if you suspect the flu.  It is especially important that you refrain from service activities like Sojourn Kids, Connect Team or communion-serving if you suspect you may be ill.  Let your ministry team leader know you will not be able to serve.

While we don’t want to downplay the very real effects of the flu and the continuing spread across the United States of H1N1, let’s not panic or buy into any hysteria.  We live in a fallen world with many dangers, but we serve a God who is never surprised or helpless in the face of any situation.  May His will be done, on earth as it is in heaven, and may we remember that our great God is working all things for the good of those who love Him.

Visit for more information on how to protect your family, and what to do in case of infection.