SojournKids Sickness Policy

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If your child is sick, please respect others by keeping him or her with you. If your child shows signs of sickness (including, but not limited to, high fever, vomiting, diarrhea, severe coughing, colored nasal drainage, pink eye, head lice, undiagnosed rash, open skin lesions, and any infectious disease), we reserve the right to ask you to remove him or her from the classroom. We define an infectious disease as any disease that spreads from one person to another person. These may include, but are not limited to, HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis, etc. We believe that God has called us to minister to all people and will, therefore, strive to provide a safe environment that is safe and accepting of everyone. Children who appear, or become, ill at church will be isolated from the other children, and the parent/guardian will be summoned immediately. Parents are asked to contact a member of the SojournKids leadership team if their child contracts a communicable disease (such as chicken pox, head lice, fifth disease, etc.) after attending a SojournKids gathering.  The medical condition of any child or SojournKids servant will be disclosed only to the extent necessary to minimize the health risk to the person and others.  Sojourn’s elders and the SojournKids leadership team will be provided with the appropriate information concerning any special precaution that may be necessary. SojournKids will not disclose the health status of any individual without the express written consent and permission of that individual, or in the case of a child, their parent or guardian. Parents of children involved in SojournKids activities will not be privy to any confidential medical information.

The SojournKids sickness policy exists for the protection of the children in our care. We regret that it sometimes means not admitting children that have been brought to our public gatherings.