SojournKids: What do we celebrate?

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As a children's ministry, we're very good a talking about what we believe. But I've been challenged recently to think about what we celebrate. What are wins or victories for our children's ministry? What gets us excited? Well, here is a preliminary list:

  • When the lives of children's ministry servants are changed by the gospel message we're teaching. We want nursery servants, teachers, musicians, and classroom helpers all to be growing leaders who are affected by the gospel, because we give children our lives, not just a curriculum.
  • When kids talk about Jesus while at play. Because gospel life is more than just the lessons.  We want to do more on Sundays than teach through a curriculum.  We want to relate the gospel to each aspect of your child's life.

  • When families talk about Jesus together. When we sit at home, when we drive along the road, beside the bed at night, and while we're eating breakfast--our children's ministry must be a catalyst for families having gospel conversations together.
  • When families celebrate gospel life milestones with their church community. Baby dedication, Coming of age, Baptism--because Jesus informs every stage of life.