This past Sunday, I posted a need on the City...


This past Sunday at 1 pm, I posted a need on The City.  We needed someone to do childcare for our community group at 6:30 that very evening, and posting a need on the City was sort of a last-ditch effort.  After I posted, my husband and I were hopeful that someone would respond and prayed they would, but we were fully prepared and half-expecting for me to watch the kiddos during group. A couple of hours later, just about the time that I was thinking, "If nobody has responded by now, nobody ever will," a sister in Christ whom I had never met emailed to say that she was happy to watch our kids.  This dear woman, who has a very young child of her own to care for, saw the need and stepped in to fulfill it.

How thankful we are for the Lord's provision for us!  It was a very simple thing - childcare for our CG - but he showed such care for us by moving one person's heart to serve us.  He gave us exactly what we needed.  And he continues to provide.  We have an ongoing need for CG childcare, and a couple of people have offered to serve us in that way as a result of the post on The City.  See how God cares for his children? He is so good.

I am so thankful for opportunity we have through The City to serve the body of Christ and to allow others to serve us.  I admit, I am not a huge fan of web-based social networking or anything that encourages, even inadvertently, surface-level relationships, but what a gift it is for our body to be united in this way!  I have often struggled with how we as a church are to live out the example set before us in Acts 2 without resorting to setting up a commune, and The City is a great answer to that.  We can so easily find out what needs are out there that we can help meet, and we can put our own needs before our church family.  What a blessing to have this resource at our disposal!  (And now we won't flood SEED and our benevolence funds with requests that could likely be fulfilled by more-than-willing brothers and sisters who are looking for opportunities to serve!)

Thank you, leaders, for making The City available to us.  May the Lord continue to use it to show us how he richly supplies for our needs through his body, the church.

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