Family Worship: Easter Sunday Review

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Here are some simple ideas for reviewing the Easter story with your family during the week after Easter. Family worship is getting together as a family to hear from God by reading His Word then responding to Him through asking, praying, singing, and memorizing.  This brief outline will help you lead your family in a short time of worship.  Children should be involved as much as their age allows. This devotion should last around 15 minutes.   If this is a new experience for your family, keep it very simple. Have the whole family gather in the living room or bedroom, or around the table together. Even the very young children should participate. Turn off any radios or televisions that might be distractions.

Step #1: Hear from God’s Word—Read the Easter story from Luke 24: 1-12.  If your children are confident readers, ask them to read portions of scripture from their Bibles.  Prepare in advance to explain difficult concepts and words.

Step #2: Respond to God—Truly hearing from God involves responding to what he has said.  Here are some ideas for leading your children to respond to God.

  • Ask: Ask your children questions about what you have read: “Why did the women carry spices to the tomb?”  “Who were the men in clothes that gleamed like lightning?”  “What did they say? [The angels’ words are the most important words in this passage.]”  “Who were the Eleven?”  “Did the Eleven believe the women?”  “Why was it hard for them to believe?”  “Why is it hard for us to believe?”
  • Pray: Lead the family in a time of prayer. Include elements of Praise, Thanksgiving, Confession and Requests. The prayer time should focus on the passage you have just read and be a response of worship to GodFather, we are full of doubt.  It is hard for us to believe that you are alive and that your words are true. We honor Christ like a dead man, but we do not serve Him as the living King.  Help us to see that He is risen.  Help us to believe.
  • Sing: Select a song that is familiar to your family. Using a worship CD may be helpful.  Many families prefer to sing without background music.  Choose songs that remind you of the cross and resurrection of Jesus.  Sojourn Kids has posted some original music and chords you can use: “The Cross Is Not The End” by Bill and Courtney Bell

    “God’s Love Goes On Forever" by Chandi Plummer

  • Memorize: Memorize the words of the angel in verses 5-8.  Repeat the words aloud with your family, and put them in a prominent place in your home (like the refrigerator door) where family members can regularly see them.“Why do you look for the living among the dead?  He is not here; he has risen!  Remember how he told you, while he was still with you in Galilee: ‘The Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, be crucified and on the third day be raised again.’

Resources: Tony Kummer, “Family Worship Guide for Easter.”