New Series: Parenting & Christian Freedom

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Hobbes: Is it a right to remain ignorant?Calvin: I don't know, but I refuse to find out.

Sojourn believes in Christian freedom, and our church has done a good job of staring down some of the legalistic controversies that plague many churches.  Sometimes we really do seem to “get it,” but what do we believe about Christian freedom when it comes to our children?  Is there freedom when it comes to feeding babies, school choices, spanking, and immunizations?  And what does Christian freedom look like when it comes to these kinds of issues?

As careful parents, we certainly have opinions about all of these matters.  We have done our homework, studied the options, read books, consulted with friends and other like-minded parents then made the decision that we believe is best for our kids.  And, since this is the best for our kids, it must be the best for every child, right?  In reality, this logic is flawed.  We are sinners, and our tendency is to become judgmental and self-righteous about our preferences—even trying to justify ourselves (or our children) by the choices we’ve made for them.  We are frail and fallen, and our tendency is to be deceived by the latest parenting fad—thinking it must be the best rather than weighing our options against the Bible’s teaching.

As Sojourn’s Pastor for Children’s and Parent Ministry, my hope is that our church community will learn to approach each of these issues (and others like them) with strength and grace—standing firm on Biblical principles and Biblical wisdom, and exercising liberty where the Bible is not so clear.  Over the next few weeks, we will take a look at these matters in a series of blog posts on Christian freedom.  Joining me in this endeavor are other Sojourn members—parents, medical professionals, and Sojourn leaders.  Stay tuned for what will be a fun journey!