Family Friday: Family Crest

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To best illustrate and symbolize each person's personality in your family, have them each choose a living creature (lion, eagle, ox, gazelle, tiger, spider, dragonfly, etc.) or plant (sagebrush, daisy, heather, rose, oak tree, lily, wheat stalk, pine tree, apple tree, etc.) or some other object (lighthouse, book , rock, hammer, shield, electric guitar).  In the same way, choose symbols in these categories that best represent your family as a whole.  Research the meaning of your family name or your family heritage and try to represent it visually and symbolically. Look up heraldry online, and design your own family coat of arms, or individual crests, that will incorporate the symbols you've chosen  You can illustrate all this on posters, or make a family banner using cloth fragments or old sheets and towels.

**I [Jared] did this for a school project as a kid.  My coat of arms included a Georgia Tech yellow jacket and our high school mascot.  This can be a really fun and artistic family project.

From Mack Thomas, 99 Ways to Entertain Your Family for Free, (Waterbrook Press, 2009).  To submit a Family Friday idea, write to