Family Fridays: Picture This!

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Get out your old family photos and go through them together.  You may want to sort and organize them as you go, but the main point is simply to enjoy them together.  Take plenty of time to reminisce. Together choose your top three, five, or ten photos in several categories; for example--funniest, weirdest, most embarrassing, happiest occasion, most serious occasion, most tired occasion, most energetic occasion, most awkward occasion, most formal occasion, most relaxed occasion, best shot for a Christmas card, best shot for a family scrapbook cover, best shot for a "wanted" poster, and best shot for a national magazine cover (just in case you get asked!)

Also, identify your oldest family photo, or make a visual family tree with a favorite photo of each person.

From Mack Thomas, 99 Ways to Entertain Your Family for Free, (Waterbrook Press, 2009).  To submit a Family Friday idea, write to