For the Over-Churched Kid (like Mine)

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Sojourn wants to be a place for the over-churched and the under-churched.  My friend Tony recently posted a list of 5 dangers over-churched kids face and 9 strategies for reaching over-churched kids. I've listed them here, and you can click through to see Tony's explanations.  These are great things for all Christians parents to keep in mind.  Particularly important is teaching for heart change and modeling repentance.  We "religious parents" have a tendancy to focus on our kids' behavior rather than on their hearts and our own. 5 Dangers Over-Churched Kids Face

1. Familiar Stories Lose Their Power 2. Knowledge Can Promote Pride 3. They Have Learned to Pretend Pray 4. They Don’t Feel Their Lostness 5. The Ugly Side of Church

9 Strategies for Reaching Over-Churched Kids

1. Empower them to teach 2. Teach for heart change 3. Use creative story-telling 4. Pray for every child 5. Teach the bad news 6. Model repentance 7. Make it relevant 8. Go deeper 9. Get them on mission