Photo Stream: Seeds Family Worship Event @ the 930

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08 by David Alan Kidd07 by David Alan Kidd06 by David Alan Kidd

Hosting Jason Houser and Seeds Family Worship at the 930 last Wednesday night was a blast.  We're so thankful for an event that was both fun for the kids and worshipful.  Tyler Ratliff, our Midtown Kids Music Leader, sums up the vibe with this testimony:

“I just had a super encouraging conversation with a kid from church who couldn't be more than 10. She got a CD of bible memory songs tonight called Seeds of Courage because she's sometimes afraid of storms and thinks it'll help to listen to it. She especially liked the title of the song, "Do Not Be Anxious." It comes with two copies and she wants to give one to her friend from school."

After the event, I reflected with Fletcher Lang, our Midtown Kids Director, about what a privilege it is to be part of raising up a new generation of responsive worshipers.  SojournKids J-town Deacon David Kidd recorded the event in pictures.  Check a few of them out below and more at his Flikr photo stream:

02 by David Alan Kidd03 by David Alan Kidd05 by David Alan Kidd10 by David Alan Kidd11 by David Alan Kidd