Gospel Relationships: The Home

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At Sojourn, we desire to see the gospel transform everything.  In the month of October, Sojourn's East Campus is bringing particular focus to how Christ's message of redemption affects all of the different kinds of relationships we experiences day in and day out.   To learn more, download the emphasis card, or read on for a testimony about how the Gospel has transformed one Sojourn deacon's relationships at home:

I initially had a really tough time pin pointing exactly how the gospel has transformed our home.  Does our home really look different today then it did 2 years ago?  What about 5 years ago?  I can honestly say my kids still have meltdowns while at Target.  My wife and I still have some pretty childish arguments about trivial issues.

When our firstborn, Ava, was a toddler we had a child-centered home.  We disciplined very little and we avoided the difficult job of saying “no” to her, believing that the less we interfered, the more she would develop into a caring, unselfish adult.  We thought that by meeting all her wants and needs, she would do the same for others.  After years of parenting frustration and some much needed spiritual growth in ourselves, we realized JESUS was NOT the center of our home.  He wasn’t the center of our parenting or our marriage.

Striving to make Christ the head of our household hasn’t magically made our family’s struggles go away.  What it has done is helped us understand our strength is not enough.  There is no magic technique you can apply to create a happy, God-fearing family.

Where I think the gospel has transformed us most is how we react to the sins we commit as well as those committed against us.  There’s not a day that goes by that someone isn’t repenting to someone else in our home.  Whether me to my wife for being selfish or my wife for disciplining out of anger to one of our kids.  There’s also not a day that goes by that we aren’t asking God to help us as a family.

We have learned Jesus is enough…His BLOOD is enough to cover all the mistakes we have made and will continue to make.  We have learned how to repent and forgive.  We pursue him and he changes us.

No matter how you boil it down my household consists of 5 sinners, under one roof, each trying to build our own kingdom or queendom.  The good news is His grace IS sufficient, even for this beautiful mess that is our family.