Last Sunday: New Life

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This week in SojournKids, we learned from 1 Peter 1:1-12:

  • Salvation is the most valuable gift.
  • God gives new life.
  • Godʼs gifts last even when they are tested.

If you didn’t get a chance to grab the SojournKids “at home” sheet, you can download it here.

Do you have something that is really valuable?  Money.  Silly bands.  How much is it really worth?  You can find out how much something is really worth by thinking about how long it will last.  God has given us the most valuable thing.  He has given us NEW life.   Godʼs people were dead in their sins, but God has made them alive again.  They are born again because the Holy Spirit lives inside of them.  The NEW life that God gives is the most valuable gift, because it lasts forever.  Even though Christians may suffer many terrible things in this life, they cannot lose the valuable gift that God has given them.  His eternal life lasts forever.