New Handbooks and Guides for Parents

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Every Christian parent wants to raise children who will grow up to love and trust Jesus.  Parents deliberately search for the church that provides the most opportunities for their kids to grow up in the Lord.  We want Sojourn to be that church!  Yet, as we continue to build our ministry to children, we must not neglect our homes—where children see our faith on real-time display every day.  The resources listed below are meant to explain SojournKids’ policies to parents and provide practical help for making Christian practices a regular part of your family’s life. Parent Handbooks-These are newly updated overviews of SojournKids' philosophy and children's ministry policies for each of our three campuses:

Family Worship Guide (PDF)—a practical guide about how to make Christian worship practices (the Scriptures, confession, and prayer) a part of your regular family routine.

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