Teaching Kids about Money

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On Saturday, January 15th, from 8:30am until 11:30am, Sojourn's East Campus will be hosting a  Take Control of Your Finances seminar.  You can register here. One of the tracks at the seminar will be led by Pastor Bryce Butler on "Creative Ways to Teach Personal Finances to Your Children."  If you are a mom or dad, this is something that you should sign up for right away.  Below is an outline of Randy Alcorn’s article on ways that parents can help their kids learn to think biblically about money.  Alcorn is the most thoughtful thinker on this subject that I've encountered so far.  I've also started a forum discussion over at the children's ministry help desk to gather creative ideas for teaching stewardship to children in a gospel-centered way.  Offer your ideas there or in the comments.  Here is Alcorn's outline:

1. Give your children something greater than money—your time.

2. Use life’s teachable moments to train your children.

3. Take a field trip to a junkyard.

4. Teach your children to link money with labor.

5. Teach your children how to save.

6. Get your children started on the lifetime adventure of giving.

7. Provide your children with financial planning tools.

8. Teach your children how to say “No.”

9. Show your children how family finances work.

10. Never underestimate the power of your example.

Read the whole thing for an explanation of each point.

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