Thursday Book Club: 3 Family Ministry Books in 2011

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To cap off 2010, scholar and Sojourn member, Dr. Timothy Paul Jones, highlighted three family ministry books that he's excited about for 2011.  These books "not only make the case for comprehensive family ministries but also provide the tools for churches to make the transition to family ministry from current programmatic models."

A Theology for Family MinistryFirst off, A Theology for Family Ministry from B & H Academic provides a comprehensive look at the problems and the possibilities of doing family ministry in the twenty-first century.

Then, Trained in the Fear of God: Family Ministry in Theological, Historical, and Practical Perspective, published by Kregel Academic and edited by Randy Stinson and myself [Dr. Jones], sets family ministry in its biblical and historical context then shows how the biblical implications can be put into action.

Family Ministry Field Guide: How Your Church Can Equip Parents to Make DisciplesAnd then comes the Family Ministry Field Guide: How Your Church Can Equip Parents to Raise Disciples, a book for vocational ministers and lay-leaders alike that represents the results of a two-year study of what to prioritize in your church’s family ministry as well as what’s most helpful and what’s most needed in the field of family ministry.

Check out some other things Dr. Jones is excited about in his full post at Family Ministry Today.