Last Two Sundays: Learner and Missionary

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Over the past two weeks in SojournKids, we studied the church's Missionary and Learner identities. For the Learner identity, we studied the story of Jesus calling the twelve disciples from Luke 5:1-11, and we learned that:

  • Jesus called three fishermen to be His first disciples
  • Disciples are people who follow Jesus and learn from Him.
  • Jesus promised to teach His disciples to "fish for people."

Download the SojournKids “at home” sheet for Learner here.

For the Missionary identity, we studied the Great Commission from Matthew 28:16-20, and we learned that:

  • Jesus sent out his disciples as missionaries.
  • God's missionaries go all over the world to tell others about Him.
  • Jesus promises to go with us on mission.

Download the SojournKids "at home" sheet for Missionaries here.