57 Days Until VBS: Can I Serve If I Have A Baby or Toddler?

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There are just 57 days left before our Midtown Campus VBS.  After that, there will be only a couple of weeks before the J-town Campus version. Sign up now to register your children or to serve! One of the questions that I get a lot is whether or not there is something at VBS provided for infants and toddlers.  We do provide nursery and toddler classes for the children of those who sign up to serve!

But, we don't simply provide childcare for these toddler classes.   Great teachers lead our toddlers each day by teaching Bible stories and leading Bible learning activities that correspond with the daily VBS theme.   Children participate in circle time, and they are led in music by our Music Center leaders.  Here is one of the great Bible learning activities that kids in our toddler classes will be doing during this year's VBS:

On Wednesday of VBS, we will be learning about how Jesus Came to Serve and Save.  One of the stories we will explore is the story of Jesus washing his disciple's feet from John 13:1-17.  Toddlers in the class will do the following activities:


Baby Wash

Materials: Bible, baby dolls, bowl of water, washcloths, baby-care items (doll bed, blankets, bottles, toy food, etc.).

Procedure: Children play with dolls, sharing washcloths to wash dolls (including their feet) and acting out other ways to care for babies.

Foot Prints

Materials: Bible, crayons, markers, stickers; for each child—9x12-inch (23x30.5-cm) sheet of construction paper.

Procedure: Help children remove shoes and socks. Children take turns having their feet traced onto a sheet of construction paper. Children decorate foot prints with crayons, markers and/or stickers.