58 days until VBS: Why do we charge $5?

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This is a question that we get a lot both from folks inside our church and from folks outside of our church.  There are two answers to that question: Reason #1: Sojourn's VBS is really an "Art Camp." One of our goals with SojournKids VBS is to have the kids in K through Grade 5 work collaboratively on an art project with Sojourn artists.  Those art projects have been displayed in our children's wing at the 930 Art Center, and , last year, in the prayer garden at Sojourn East. The supplies for these collaborative projects cost money.  So, part of the $5 registration fee that we collect goes toward purchasing art supplies for these projects.

Reason #2: We give VBS away for free. Last year, 20% of the children that attended the Midtown VBS came from the immediate neighborhood in Germantown / Shelby Park. For these kids, we give VBS away for free.  Collecting a small registration fee from our members and those who can afford it allows us to put on an excellent event for the immediate neighbors of our Midtown campus.

There are just 58 days left before our Midtown Campus VBS.  After that, there will be only a couple of weeks before the J-town Campus version.  Go to our VBS page to register or sign up to serve!