Crown of Thorns / Crown of Glory Art Project

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The Midtown Kids will be making these to celebrate our Crucified but Risen King on Sunday!!  A big thanks to Jenna Schrock and Danielle Hammon for putting this idea together:

Instructions: (1) Get Paper crowns. We cut out a lot of crowns, but we'd encourage you to purchase them (this was a lot of work). You can get a pack of 12 paper crowns at a craft store for about $6.00. You may be able to get some donated from Burger King for free.  (2) Kids then cut out thorns from brown construction paper. They glue the thorns on one side of the crown. Talk about Jesus suffering and death while they are putting the thorns on the crown. Talk about how his suffering led to glory. (3) Make the other half of the crown shine with jewels, glitter, stickers, markers, crayons, etc. Jewels can be stuck on with school glue, glue sticks, or a glue gun.  Give a lot of drying time with school glue.  (4) Lastly, fit the crowns to little heads. Just use tape to keep the crowns in place.