1 Day Before VBS: Daily Snacks & Allergy Alternatives!

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Our Midtown Campus VBS begins tomorrow!  After that, there will be only a couple of weeks before the J-town Campus version. Sign up now to register your children or to serve! Here is the snack list for the week along with allergy / restricted diet alternatives: Monday: Cheese, pretzels, grapes (**Note allergies for wheat, gluten, and dairy)

Tuesday: Cookie Crisp cereal, bananas, marshmallows

Wednesday:Goldfish, apple slices, raisins

Thursday:Trail mix of leftovers--pretzels, Cookie Crisp cereal, Goldfish crackers, marshmallows and raisins (+ leftover fruit on the side)

Friday: Cookies

Daily allergy / restricted diet alternatives: Cheerios, dried fruit, and Honey Chex cereal