Advantages of a "unified" curriculum for children with special needs.

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A "unified" curriculum like the God's Story curriculum we use at SojournKids or the Treasuring Christ curriculum from Providence Baptist has a lot of advantages. One key advantage, from a family equipping perspective, is that the entire family is learning the same lesson each week. Shannon Dingle of Providence Baptist's special needs ministry highlights another great use:

Because the Treasuring Christ Curriculum is scaffolded with different variations of the same lesson for different age levels every week, this provides us with levels of curriculum that we can use for kids with special needs. For example, a seven-year-old girl with Down syndrome might benefit from the content from the early childhood lesson, and a twelve-year-old boy with autism may connect better with some of the sensory activities designed for another group. We have the flexibility to borrow elements from other ages’ lessons, or even drop down a level or two, to meet the individual needs of each child and student.

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