Kids Music: Jesus Saves Sinners

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Here is our current music liturgy for kids Sunday services: Please do not simply read this script to the children. Teach the kids by engaging them and talking with them. Pause for answers and questions. Accept truthful answers. Gently correct or re-direct false answers. Have them stand up for the singing. Don’t be afraid to engage the teachers in the room to worship and help keep the kids attentive.

Leader 1: "Hi, I'm Mr./Ms. (First name)" Leader 2: "Hi, I'm Mr./Ms. (First name)"

Leader 1: Everybody stand up! Let’s sing to Jesus, the Mighty Mighty Savior!

1. Mighty Mighty Savior, Words and Music by Mark Altrogge. © 2004 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI), from Awesome God.

Leader 2: We sang in the last song that Jesus is a mighty mighty Savior. He saves people from their sins, or the times people disobey God. We all sin and disobey God, and we all need to be saved.

God sent Jesus to earth to die on a cross for our sins, and if we trust Jesus to take away our sins, then He will save us! We can’t do enough good things to make the bad things we’ve done go away. We need God to take away the bad things we’ve done, soGod punished Jesus instead of us so we can be forgiven and become God’s children.

The people Jesus saves can’t brag about doing it themselves, because God saves people by His grace. That means God is good and kind to us when we don’t deserve it. When God takes away a person’s sins, He’s doing something wonderful that no one deserves. Let’s sing the next song about God’s grace.

2. “Grace (La-De-Da),” written by Rodney Clawson ©2004 Writer’s Extreme Music / Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Co. (BMI). Lyrics taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION® NIV® Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.

Leader 1: We should believe in Jesus and trust Him to take away our sins because He’s the only way we can be friends with God. Everyone who trusts Jesus to take away their sins becomes friends with God and lives with Him forever! The good news about Jesus is the best news there is! There’s nothing better than Jesus!

3. “Nothing Better Than Jesus,” music and words by Steve & Vikki Cook and Bob Kauflin © 2009 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)/Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI). Sovereign Grace Music, a division of Sovereign Grace Ministries. From To Be Like Jesus


Leader 2: We’re going to pray now, so everybody fold your hands and close your eyes and be still and pay attention to God; we’re going to talk to Him now.

“Thank You, God, for sending Jesus to earth. Thank You for making a way for us to be saved! Thank You, Jesus, for dying on the cross and rising from the dead. You are so loving. You even love sinners! Thank You, God, for making a way for us to be forgiven and friends with You! Please help us to remember and believe this good news. Amen. ”

The news about Jesus is so good, we should tell everyone we know that Jesus saves sinners! Let’s GO and tell the good news about Jesus!

4. “Go (Matthew 28:19),” written by Jason Houser ©2007 Big Songs of Extreme / Big Loud Songs (ASCAP) Admin. by Big Loud Bucks. Lyrics taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION® NIV® Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society. All rights reserved. Used by permission. From The Power of Encouragement.