Creation Coloring Pages by Mandy Groce

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Throughout the remainder of 2011, SojournKids will be studying the book of Genesis.  I'll be featuring a lot of great resources that we'll be using in our classrooms and that you can use at home.  To begin, here are some great coloring pages that Sojourn artist Mandy Groce created for

Days of Creation Coloring Pages


Let There Be Light (Creation Day One) - This coloring sheet features the events from Genesis 1:3 where God says, “Let there be light.” The picture features the sun and stars that radiate that light on the first day of creation.  This was the first day of the biblical creation story.

God Made the Sky and Sea (Creation Day Two) – This coloring sheet depicts the events from Genesis 1:6-8 where God separates the water and names the sky. This passage is often difficult to conceptualize, but Mandy’s illustration shows layers of water being forced apart as God makes room for the sky.

God Made the Land (Creation Day Three) - In this picture, the artist has shown the events from Genesis 1:9-10 where God brings forth the dry land from the sea. The image depicts several mountain peaks emerging from the ocean. This was the third day of creation.

Let the Land Produce (Creation Day Three) – This coloring sheet continues the events from the third day of creation. It is based on Genesis 1:11-13. The illustration has plants, trees, and grass that overlook an ocean scene.  The words read, “Let the land produce.”

God Made the Sun, Moon, and Stars (Creation Day Four) - Mandy drew her inspiration for this line art picture from Genesis 1:14-19. The picture has four panels, each with a different arrangement of the Sun, Moon, and stars. The words on the page read: “Signs, Seasons, Days, Years.”

God Made the Animals, Fish, and Birds (Creation Days Five & Six) - These next two coloring sheets illustrate the events in Genesis 1:20-25. There are two different options for you to download and print out. These can be coloring in by the children as you teach about God’s creative work in making the animals.

Adam and Eve in the Garden (Creation Day Six) – This printable coloring page shows the people that God made holding hands in a garden setting. The children will love coloring the mountains, flowers, and other elements surrounding the couple. This picture is an illustration of Genesis 1:26-31.

It Was Very Good (Creation Day Seven) - This final picture in the series has the words “very good” and shows the finished work. It is based on Genesis 1:30 – 2:2 where God rested from his work on the seventh day. Adam and Eve are show resting in the garden that God made for them to enjoy in the very good beginning.