7 Financial Principles for Kids, #5: We PREPARE for the future by planning and saving.

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We PREPARE for the future by planning and saving.   The Bible teaches us to plan and save for the future, because Jesus has prepared a future for us (Prov 21:20; Luke 14:28-33; John 14:1).

  • Read John 14:1-6.  Talk to your child about heaven.  Talk to them about how Jesus is preparing a place for us there.
  • As a family talk about how ants and squirrels save for their future needs.  If you are able, go outside and demonstrate that ants will take small breadcrumbs or sugar into their anthill to save for the winter.  Read Proverbs 6:6-8 and Luke 14:28-33.  Talk about how we need to prepare now to see our future plans accomplished. Talk to your children about what thins they may want to save for (a home, education, their future children, emergencies, etc.)
  • If your child does not have a jar, box, or envelope with the word SAVINGS written on it, ask your child to help you make one.  Let your child decide how much of his or her weekly earnings will be put in the box for savings.  The child should put a minimum of 10% of his or her earnings in this envelope for future savings.
  • Take your child to the bank or to an online bank to open a savings account or education fund for him or her.