GENESIS: Creation Connect-the-dots

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“Have you ever seen a coloring book that allows you to draw a picture by connecting dots one after another?  Well, something like that is going on in Genesis chapter one. The writer uses the days as dots to make one big picture!  The creation dot of day 1 matches up with the dot of day 4.  On day 1 we learn about light and darkness, day and night.  Then on day 4 we are introduced to the sun and moon and stars, which fill up the sky.  Isn’t that amazing!  If you keep connecting, you will see that the dot of day 2 matches up with day 5.  And day 3 corresponds to day 6.  The writer wants you to see the overall picture of God’s creative activity. He wants you to know that God formed all the places in the universe (dots 1, 2, 3) and then filled up those places with creations to rule over them.” From The Big Picture Devotional: A one-year family devotional tracing the storyline of the Bible, edited by David R. Helm (Chicago: Holy Trinity Church, 2001).