Mark Conner: A Theology of Creativity

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God is a creative God. In fact, He invented creativity. It was His idea. Creativity is part of the very nature and character of God. The fifth word in the Bible is created—“In the beginning God created …” (Genesis 1:1). God kicked off the creative process and it’s been moving forward ever since.

Ponder creation for a moment. God created the entire universe out of nothing. He formed all original things (like an inventor or manufacturer). What an incredible designer God is! There is nothing dull, drab or boring about God’s world.
He created three primary colors with up to ten million different hues that a human eye can see. He created textures—rough, smooth and everything in between. He created infinite varieties of shape and form. He created movement and rhythm—wind and running water, animals and humans busy with all sorts of activities. He created sound and music— from the crashing thunder of a huge storm to the sweet chirping of a tiny bird. He created seasons—winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Then He created the human personality along with unique fingerprints for over 6 billion people. God is not into cloning. Read the rest of Mark's article here.
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