The Rizers!

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In the past, we've told you a lot about the Sovereign Grace Kids and Seeds Family Worship albums that we use during our SojournKids worship times. Now, meet the Rizers! These are great Scripture memory CDs-similar to Seeds but with more a pop/punk rock sounds. The tunes are brought to you by the Resurgence and Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA.

Scripture-Pop for Kids

Tyson Paoletti has helped run Tooth & Nail Records in Seattle for the better part of the last decade. He and songwriter, freelance designer, and friend Greg Lutze came up with the idea for an album of Scripture based, guitar-pop worship songs for kids. Both members of Mars Hill Church, they are artists and fathers trying to figure out ways to establish Scripture memory as a value in their families. What began as a series of jingles to help memorize Bible verses became multiple full-length album of music you can’t get out of your head, joined to lyrics of straight Scripture.

Thanks to the Rizers for sponsoring! It is a blessing for us to partner with you. Parents, show our thanks to the Rizers by picking up their albums. They make great Christmas gifts. Get them now, because your kids will come home singing their tunes soon!

Get the Rizers tunes here:

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  3. Physical CD