Sally Lloyd-Jones on Redemption, Christmas, and Storytelling

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Last year, my good friend Sam Luce of Redeemer Church in Utica, NY, interviewed Sally Lloyd-Jones of Redeemer Presbyterian in New York, NY, about... what else?  Redemption!  Sally is the author of the well-known Jesus Storybook Bible. Sam and Sally also talked about Christmas, Storytelling, and Children's Ministry.  Here is one of the gems from the article:

Storytelling is performance as much as anything.  And, a crucial part of my performance is obviously rehearsal.  I find trying to tell your story out on real live children is crucial; it will show you want does and doesn't work.  I think it's a bit like being a stand-up comic.  It should sound natural, but it needs to be something you've written, learned, refined and rehearsed.

It's important to involve the children in the story.  When I read stories to children I make eye contact with them and react with them as if I am reading the story for the first time, just like they are.  This keeps it playful and draws the children in as you all react together.

Download the whole thing here.