Headed to the ATL! #OC12 #OC12SN

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Megan and I are heading south this morning to the ATL and Orange 2012. Here are 4 quick reasons why we're excited and thankful to be headed down to Orange.

1. Orange is the hub of the modern family ministry movement. Orange has grown out of the ministry of Northpoint Community Church and their Family Ministry champion, Reggie Joiner. Reggie defines what the family ministry movement is about with more simplicity and clarity than anyone I know. Here is how Reggie defines the Orange movement:

“If we can be more effective at engaging parents to partner in our ministries, and improve the quality of relationships in the family, we will increase the possibility of a child having a dynamic and authentic faith.”

“When we partner with ministries, we call this an ‘Orange’ way of thinking. If the color red (warm nurturing hearts) represents parents and the color yellow (bright missional lights) represents church leaders, they need to combine to make orange. Orange is the idea that two combined influences will make a greater impact than either of the two influences alone... So, family ministry is ‘synchronizing church leaders and parents around a master plan to build faith and character in their sons and daughters.’”

2. My friend Amy Fenton Lee is leading an amazing series of workshops on ministry to children with special needs... and we're going to be attending just about every one of them. Here is our itinerary for the conference breakout sessions. Pray for us that this will be a fruitful time of learning:

Wednesday, April 25th 9:30am--How to use technology for Special Needs 11:00am--How to create a multi-sensory environment for Special Needs 1:30pm--How to create a Special Needs environment 3:00pm--How to recruit, train, and retain Special Needs volunteers

Thursday, April 26th 

11:30am--Volunteer Meets Parent (with Sue Miller!) 2:00pm--Advancing the spiritual development of kids with Autism 3:45pm--Leading a Special Needs inclusion initiative 5:30pm--Family Ministry, Spiritual Formation, and Special Needs

3. My family is in Georgia. So, we're going to get to see my dad, mom, brother, and his wife, Debbie--who is going to be keeping our girls for two days! Thank you Debbie!

4. I get to spend two days hanging out with Megan learning about things we're both passionate about. I think that any conference is more fun if I get to hang with my girl.

I might blog a little about the conference after we return, but the site will probably be quiet until then. Thanks team and church family for letting us get away and learn this week!