A word for the stressed out children's ministry leader.

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Have you ever felt like you’re going to have an aneurysm on a Saturday night after you've received one or multiple messages from children’s ministry workers saying they can’t make it the next morning? If so, this post might be for you. Bearing the responsibility for staffing Sunday mornings and other events in kids ministry is a trying task whether you have 25 kids to care for, or 250.  Here is my response:

-Calm down.

-God cares for those children. He cares for them a lot more than you do.

I say that as a hypocrite who has (praise God) been growing in grace and truth in this aspect of ministry. I've realized that my perception of recruiting stress is much of the time a spiritual matter. Either I'm trusting Him, or I'm operating as if I can add to His work.

You know that God cares for the kids in your care. But how are you displaying this truth to your children’s ministry team? Is anxiety-driven recruiting taking over your children’s ministry and sucking the life, time, and joy out of you and your team? If you don’t know the answer to this question, prayerfully consider much time you spend doing the following each week:


-Making frantic phone calls, or sending frantic emails

-Anxiously working through servant-assignment lists and schedules

-Re-working the lists and schedules

-Re-working them again (I once called all of this “proactive,” but it’s far from that).

If you’re still not sure of the answer to this question, ask and observe your leadership team, ministry assistant, or lead servants. Do they feel the weight of your ministry’s needs in a healthy way? Or do they reflect your anxiety?

Sunday is always coming. Needs will arise. Do faithful work as it makes much of God. Just be on guard against a sin-stricken motivation based in anxiety or self-glory. And know that his grace is sufficient even when our motivations fail. Because they will.

Try not looking at servant needs for a few of your workdays each week. Instead use that time for:

-Encouraging and blessing your servants and teams

-Pouring into the lives of the kids and families in your care and in your community.

-Working on other ministry initiatives.

-Celebrating victories.

You can trust in our great God by resting in the truth that he knows your needs. He will provide. He provided last Sunday, and he will provide next Sunday. Allow the stress of recruiting to hexpose in you your desperate need for Jesus. God cares for the children he has entrusted to you. And that is enough.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7